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Full Market Exposure For A Better Sale

While most agents do a good job at what we call the usual real estate marketing activities:

  • Positioning your property right
  • Staging to sell
  • Open houses
  • Broker's open houses
  • Newspaper ads (Maybe)
  • Negotiating on your behalf

We contend that as real estate marketing professionals, we need to think like home buyers to garner maximum competitive advantage in the market.

Full Market Exposure

10 Forward Thinking Tactics For Full-Market Exposure That Home Buyers Love

  1. Property Website —We'll create a sharp web presence for your property. It will have a unique domain name for your street address and it will be syndicated to more than 20 major property portals like Trulia, Zillow,, New York Times,
  2. Video + Virtual Tours — We'll use pictures, or footage of your property to create a visually appealing video. This video will be uploaded to Youtube so that your property can be found on the most popular video sharing site. Additionally a 360 virtual tour will be created and syndicated to all the most popular property listing sites.
  3. Craigslist — We'll create a Craigslist ad for your property and re-post it twice weekly. Craigslist has becoming an increasingly popular resource for buyers searching for homes on the Internet. Your property's presence on Craigslist will expose it to thousands of prospective home buyers.
  4. Facebook — If deemed appropriate, we'll create a targeted Facebook ad for your property and set it to be shown 50,000 times to local users of the world's most popular social networking site.
  5. Twitter — We'll create a Twitter account for your property and set it to automatically tell other Twitterers in the area about your property.
  6. Google Ads — We'll create a Google ad that shows up when people search for keywords related to your neighborhood and area. This way, as out-of-town home buyers search Google for real estate, your property will show up near the top of the page.
  7. Mobile Solutions — We'll employ a mobile property solution accessed by QR code, or text message. By advertising the unique code and mobile website associated with your property on your for sale sign, buyers who are passing by will be able to instantly receive information about the property. And we'll be able to quickly follow up and present your property in its best light by calling the prospect's cell number.
  8. Network — We'll call the five agents who have participated in the most recent sales in your area. Chances are good these agents will have other buyers looking in the neighborhood. It will be our job to keep your property top-of-mind with cooperating agents.
  9. MLS — When we post your property to the MLS system, we'll make sure the description is engaging and that the pictures present your property in its best light. This is a fundamental, but very important step that is often overlooked.
  10. Database — Using our company's database, we'll make sure that everyone we know is familiar with your property like past clients, current clients, other agents, Facebook fans and Twitter followers.


Full Market Exposure

In that no two properties are a like, it follows that the marketing mix of activities we engage in varies house to house. Not all marketing tactics make sense for every property. In the list above the point is not to describe features of a rote marketing plan, but to briefly outline the broad range of tactics we'll employ to get your property sold with the fewest days on market and garnering you the best final sales price.

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