6 Tips for Boston Area Apartment Renters With Pets

Apartment Renters with Pets

No pets allowed. No dogs over 40 pounds. No bully breeds. No problem! Metro Boston area renters encounter these restrictions for rental apartments too often. Renters do not want to surrender their beloved pet, but many are not aware of the options available for pet owners on the move.

A successful move with your pet boils down to one thing: make your pet a desirable tenant! By showing evidence that your pet is well-mannered and healthy, you and your pet will have many more options when attempting to find that next rental property.

Tip 1: Start early! Start searching for new rental properties well in advance of the end of your lease.

Tip 2: Create a pet resume. Many renters have been successful in changing the minds of landlords with a pet resume. By providing information about your pet, you are demonstrating that you are a responsible pet owner. 

Tip 3: Take your pet to the veterinarian regularly. By taking your pet in for annual exams and vaccinations, you are demonstrating that you are a responsible pet owner and that your pet is healthy.

Tip 4: Take your pet to the groomer and obedience classes. Landlords want to maintain the integrity of their property and some may have had unpleasant experiences in the past. Consider signing Fido up for obedience classes or taking Sassy to the groomer. These are not only beneficial experiences, but give you even more references to add to your resume!

Tip 5: Be persistent! Just because a property advertises as “No pets allowed,” does not mean your agent doesn't have a way to get you and your pet approved.

Tip 6: Be patient. Remaining patient is important. Pet-friendly rentals are out there! Do not settle for the sake of convenience. Your pet would prefer to stay with you than go to a shelter.

For help with your next pet-friendly metro Boston rental, please complete the form below. Be sure to indicate how we can assist you whether it's help finding pet-friendly apartments, help with the elements of a winning pet resume, or help with strategies to make your pet(s) more desirable tenants.

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