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Satisfaction Guarantees

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Buying/renting/selling a home can seem overwhelming in addition to potentially being the single largest transaction you'll ever make. We at Unit Realty Group understand this and seek to make real estate about a valued client relationship as opposed to being about just a deal. Further we seek to make the business of real estate simple and straightforward by providing you and everyone involved in the transaction with exceptional service. Therefore we offer the following customer satisfaction guarantee as our pledge.

We guarantee to perform the following important services when you hire us to represent you:

  • Client-agent Relationship—Before we enter into a relationship, we will explain to you the client-agent relationship and our responsibilities to you under this agreement. As your agents, we will provide you with professional, enthusiastic effort championing your goals with proven market expertise.
  • Transaction Structuring—We will advise you on the most advantageous ways to construct your deal to achieve your goals. We will also research and analyze all available data so we can expertly counsel you in matters of market value.
  • Appointments + Negotiations—We will ensure that all showings and negotiations are personally coordinated through your agent according to your wishes.
  • Market Information—We will keep you informed of changes in local market conditions and any other factors that may affect your decision to buy/sell/rent a property.
  • Communication—We will be in constant communication with you. We will fully explain the process to you and keep you informed through out your transaction. Importantly we will be in touch with you on a schedule and in media of your choosing. 

Total Satisfaction Guarantee

If for any reason you believe that we have not lived up to our guarantee, we will end our representation relationship with you. One caveat applies, we do ask that you voice your concern and give us a week to resolve the problem before dismissing us because before we can fix an issue, we need to know one exists. We pledge this satisfaction guarantee to you because we are serious about customer service.