Our Real Estate Marketing Plan Overview

We believe creating a successful marketing plan, or sales equation for any property comes down to five essential elements, which when correctly balanced will result in a home's sale for the highest possible price and with the fewest days on market.

Location + Market + Terms + Condition + Competitive Position = Sale

Our deep expertise in understanding the Boston area real estate market in combination with the latest technologies allows us to analyze current conditions and formulate the right positioning to sell your home in accordance with your goals. 

The Importance of Proper Positioning

Competitive Market Position v. Buyer Interest Chart

This chart demonstrates the relationship between list sales price and days-on-market. If a property is competitively positioned at, or just below its suggested market value, it will attract more buyers and sell faster. If a property is positioned above its suggested market value, buyer interest will decrease and the property will take longer to sell.

As real estate marketing professionals we are unable to control 3 out of the 5 essential elements of the sales equation listed above. We are however able to create a sales strategy, or real estate marketing plan for you that will take advantage of the market by manipulating the 2 elements that we can influence, condition and competitive market position; and fuel the whole sales process with full-market exposure.

Full Market Exposure

A few examples of the elements of what we call full-market exposure.


In real estate we as agents can influence a property's condition to some degree by employing the principles of home staging.

Home staging is the process of preparing a property to sell from "curb to closet" for a faster and better sale. Statistics show that a staged home will sell more quickly and for more money. 

Staging includes de-cluttering, de-personalizing, and rearranging furnishings to appeal to the broadest range of buyers. Staging helps showcase a home's features and space.

Competitive Market Position

Positioning your home correctly in the market is one of the most important aspects of marketing your property. Your home has many values, one to the tax assessor, one to an appraiser and another value to you. The real value however, is not necessarily any of the above, nor is it based on what you paid for the property, nor what you may need to net from the sale.

Your home's value will be set as a range as determined by the market. Whether your home sells in the top of that range, or towards the bottom depends on the competitiveness of its market positioning and the overall marketing plan employed.

Market Exposure

While many agents do a good job with the standard array of listing activities, we contend that as real estate marketing professionals, we need to think like home buyers to garner maximum competitive advantage in the market.

For this reason, in addition to what we call the standard real estate marketing activities, we busy ourselves exposing and presenting your property everywhere home buyers search. We employ a variety of advanced web-based and interactive media to reach as many possible local and international buyers as possible.

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