Blog :: 11-2011

Happy Thanksgiving 2011

Boston Common's Founders Memorial by John F. Paramino

The Boston Common's Founders Memorial by John F. Paramino, is a tribute to two of the most historical figures in Boston. It depicts William Blackstone, the first settler of Boston, openly greeting John Winthrop, who would go on to be the first governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

Protect Yourself From Unexpected Mortgage Loan Adjustments

If youre facing an upcoming rate change on your adjustable rate mortgage, you may be a bit worried. The Federal Reserves recent credit tightening in the last period has meant that interest rates, especially short-term rates, have risen dramatically.

Taking Advantage Of Low Interest Rates - Should You Refinance Your Mortgage

With mortgage rates on the lower side, the choice to cash in and refinance your mortgage may be tempting, but before you make that decision here are a few facts to help you decide if it is the best financial choice for you and your family.