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Watch WCVB's "Chronicle" Show On Downtown CrossingIt'll Give You Goosebumps!


For those who may have missed last night's "Chronicle" episode featuring Downtown Crossing, we are enclosing links to the four segments. Host Anthony Everett did a great job presenting, while producer Stella Gould did a wonderful job capturing all that is happening downtown, without missing the historical context.

Low Metro Boston Housing Inventory: Time For Sellers To Make A Move

Residential real estate inventory for sale is at a near record low level in our local metro Boston market. What does that mean for Boston area home buyers? Because there aren't enough desirable properties to go around, housing prices are pushing upward

Joe Schutt Interviewed on Agent Caffeine Podcast with Kelly Mitchell

Joe Schutt shares his perspective of getting out from under someone elses brokerage. The dream to own his own, the methods and madness that went into improving his real estate business and the most intriguing aspect of all How he came up with the name Unit and why its double entendre is the icing on the cake of a brand that is quickly catching on and has sky-rocketed his visibility and his brand recognition.