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Five Ways To Achieve A Gorgeous Lawn

  1. Water = Green: Water is one ingredient that your lawn cannot live without, so make sure that youve got a great routine in place for keeping the lawn damp. If you have a good sprinkler system installed, youre already a step ahead of the game! If not, make sure that youre reaching all areas of the lawn if watering by hand or by moveable sprinkler. Water in the evening or very early morning for best results, but dont overdo it!
  2. Know how to mow: Make sure your lawn mower has sharp blades; mowing with dull blades can tear the grass, altering its healthy appearance. Also, the more often you mow, the healthier your grass will be! Mow the lawn at least once per week for optimal results.
  3. Fertilize and vitalize: Invest in a good fertilizer and use it regularly for the thickest, greenest grass. Ever wonder why the fairways and greens on a golf course manage to look beautiful throughout the year? Fertilizer is the key to the greens keepers success. For the greenest grass possible, purchase a fertilizer with iron content.
  4. Weed it out: Weeds are an obvious eyesore when it comes to the care of your lawn, and youve probably noticed how quickly they can grow. With a good fertilizer program in place, youll get a step ahead of weeds in no time.For the pesky, hardier plants, manage the growth with a little weed spray (or dig them out by hand for best results).
  5. Dont get bugged: Lawn pests are not just annoying; they are bad for the grass. If youre properly watering, fertilizing, and mowing your lawn, but still have an insect or pest problem, try aerating the lawn; this should help to eliminate the little buggers!

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