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Ten Best Do-It-Yourself Tips For $100 Or Less

  • Potted Plants, small or large, are one of the easiest and least expensive ways to create visual appeal.
  • Home Fragrance such as scented candles, sprays, and plug-in type fragrance gadgets in delicate scents can work wonders.
  • Steam CleaningRather than investing in a professional service, rent the machine for one day, and rejuvenate carpets and drapes.
  • Baskets and Decorative Containers can help organize scattered items and eliminate clutter.
  • Light Bulbs and Dimmer SwitchesBrighten dark areas and rooms or soften harsh light with dimmers and the newer soft light bulbs.
  • Paint over unusual colors or update stark white walls with a contemporary neutral tone.
  • Fresh FlowersInexpensive arrangements in vases you already own look beautiful and will smell naturally fresh.
  • Throw Pillows will instantly update an old sofa or chair or make a plain bed look luxurious.
  • Maid Service can be costly, but hiring one for a day or a few hours is affordableand its worth it to make a kitchen or bathroom sparkle!
  • Snacks! A bowl of polished apples, a bunch of grapes or a plate of fresh cookies makes your home look warm and inviting.