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Making Your Home Office Greener

Whether you work from home, or just have a desk in the corner, here are a few simple tips to make your home office a greener place. It may even make it a more efficient space, too!

Choosing to buy a laptop over a desktop computer saves a lot on your energy bill. They use almost 50% less electricity, and even less when you use them on their battery.

Keep your printer, fax machine, and computer shut off when you are not using them, and turn your power bar off at night.

Switch all your bills to e-bills, and subscribe to online banking. This will save a lot of trees, and make your desk a neater place.

Try to reduce the number of documents you print, and use both sides of the paper whenever possible. Only purchase post-consumer paper.

Use energy efficient bulbs for your desk lamp or office space.

If you are in the market for office furniture look for used. It saves the environment and your pocketbook.

Place a recycling bin next to your trash can. If its there, youll use it!

Consider purchasing your energy from companies that provide it from renewable sources.

Purchase environmentally-friendly office supplies. From pencils made of recycled paper, to non-toxic printer cartridges, there is a wide selection available.

Take yourself off any catalog mailing lists. Usually all the products featured can be viewed and purchased online.

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