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Selling A House With Pets At Home

When we have pets, they quickly become a part of our family. But when it comes to selling your home, potential buyers may not be impressed by the presence of your four-legged family member. Whether its due to allergies or a simple case of not being a lover of animals, many buyers shy away from a home with pets. The good news is that there are strategies you can employ to sell your house without a ruff time.

A Foolproof Solution

If you worry about potential home buyers being scared off by the presence of your pet, find an alternate location for them while you are showing the home. Perhaps a neighbor, family member or friend could watch your pet for a few hours. Otherwise, consider boarding your pet temporarily. Without the distraction of an unfamiliar animal, buyers will be free to tour your home and envision their own belongings in it.

If All Else Fails . . .

If you cannot find a way to temporarily relocate your pet, place him/her in a pet carrier when buyers are touring your home. Animals should not remain in this type of unit for more than two hours at a time, but this should give buyers enough time to see the home and ask any questions. If you have an outdoor kennel or exercise pen, your pet may be satisfied here until the tour is over. Your main focus is to keep him/her from interfering with the tour and/or disturbing your potential buyer.

Picture Perfect

When you sell a home, your agent will take photos for the listing. These images may appear in advertisements and/or on real estate web sites, which means they should represent everything that is wonderful about your home. Avoid any photos that show your pet, his/her toys, or bed. Buyers are not looking for a pet, but rather a house that they can call home.

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