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Regarding Pets When It Comes Time To Sell Your Home

Sometimes when people list their house for sale they forget to consider what their pets will do during showings. As pet-friendly Realtors at Unit Realty Group are able to work with our clients and their animals.

Meet Simba. Today he was to going to be cramped in the car with his family, but instead he got to say home and run freely in the yard while I was showing the house. I know he was happier and my clients were glad for the added convenience.

Don't misunderstand me, I am all about pet-free showings as much as possible because potential buyers should feel comfortable going through your house while being able to focus on the property as opposed to the pets. This said, life can get busy and there will be times when you, or your dog walker won't be available to take Fido away for a few minutes... and we dont like to say "no" to showings! As opposed to canceling the appointment, we can step in. As dog and pet-friendly listing agents we know how to work with your animal family members and still be able to properly show your house.

And if you know of potential home sellers with pets who are weighing their listing agent options, have them give us a call.

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