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Locate a Towed Vehicle In Boston

Let's face it, towing is a facet of city life for those of us who park on streets throughout Boston and cannot always be mindful of what day of the week street sweeping is or, which side is "safe" today.

If ever you think your vehicle has towed you can either call the Boston Police Tow Line and The Boston Tow Lot, or you can search the new-ish online towing database for your car using the city's handy form as I like to do.

To locate for your car, all you need to have is your vehicle's license plate number. Technology-minded as I am, I think the online tow form is genuius! Check it out.

Oh, and it gets better. You can sign up to receive a text, or a email towing alert by completing the form here. If the license plate gets towed, you will receive an alert message within a few hours.

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