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What It's Like To Live + Work in Boston's Core Neighborhoods?


John Carleton's photos via Getty Images

John Carleton's photos via Getty Images

What it's like to live + work in Boston's core neighborhoods? According to the March 22, 2013 edition of The Boston Courant and data from the U.S. Census it means that you are more than likely going commute to work on foot.


On Beacon Hill 60% of residents walk to work, 17% drive and 18% take public transportation. Walking is the most popular way to commute in Fenway and Back Bay neighborhoods as well at 48% and 32% respectively. In the South End public transportation is the most common method to commute at 31%, followed by driving at 30% and walking at 28%.

What underlies these statistics? According to Wendy Landman, executive director of the walking advocacy organization WalkBoston, core Boston neighborhoods' proximity to several popular employers likely plays a significant role in the high number of pedestrian commuters.