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Myth 3: The Best Real Estate Agents Will Personally Have A Buyer For My House

One of the biggest fears in potential homesellers' minds is that they will list their home with a real estate agent who doesnt bring any buyers to view their home. The reality is thats actually the best-case scenario.

Fact or Fiction?When selling your house, what you want to look for in an agent is a home marketing specialist. A home marketing specialists plan is to sell or expose your house to other agents, using the MLS and other media to market your home, and basically making your home the focus of his or her activity. If the agent you choose is constantly out showing homes to buyers, they have less time for the networking that will expose your house to buyers throughout the region.

When you interview agents regarding listing your home, make sure they have a plan for other agents to see your home. Evaluate the quality of materials they create for their listings. Research their reputation in the community and in the industry. For a listing specialist, a good reputation will cause other agents to preview your home more willingly and more often. This will maximize exposure for your home, and thats exactly what you want from your listing agent.