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Myth #4: As A Homebuyer, Working With Many Agents Gives You More Exposure Listings For Sale

The first three real estate myths we've examined have been geared toward home sellers, this fourth myth is addressed to homebuyers. (Real estate myths I've examined previously: 1, 2, 3.)

Its actually kind of comical. When consumers do not understand how MLS (Multiple Listing Service) works, youll often see them bouncing from agent to agent hoping one agent will magically find the perfect home at the perfect price within an hour of meeting them. If only they knew there is a better way.

Fact or Fiction?Because all agents have access to MLS, the best approach to selecting real estate representation is to allow one agent to get to know you and your needs. Ive always believed that the better I get to know you and to truly understand your needs, the better chance I have of helping you find the right property.

Furthermore, if I know I have your loyalty, I will be much more willing to do more and go out of my way to help you find exactly what youre looking for. When an agent doesnt have that loyalty, they often dont invest the same effort into the home search, and for good reason.

Rather than rush you into my car, I prefer to have my clients complete a "buyer questionnaire" before we look for any properties. The questionnaire allows me to get to know you better and to better understand your needs and desires in a property. Then, once I have done sufficient research, I will present properties to you and take you to those you find worth investigating further.

If an agent attempts to immediately put you in the car and look at properties, be careful. Theyre hoping to win the lottery by having you fall in love with a home emotionally without analyzing your actual needs. Often this leads to hasty decisions and buyers remorse just months later when the new homeowners realize the house they bought, while charming, may not be the best fit for their needs. Meanwhile, the real estate agent has cashed their commission check.

You want to avoid real estate agents who operate from such a sales mentality. Todays leading agents treat their careers like self-owned businesses, which means they take pride in forging long-term relationships that dictate they always act in the clients best interests. Theyre not in it for the quick hit. For instance, Id much rather be a trusted source of information and sell you three or four houses throughout the course of our relationship than make a quick buck never to hear from you again.

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