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Making Your Next Move Green-er

move green-erMaking your next move green-er isn't as difficult as you may think. :

  • Sell or donate unwanted items and furniture before you move. This means you will need fewer boxes, throw out less garbage, and need less gas to move your things.
  • Try to find used boxes or reusable containers to pack your belongings. A great place to look for them is online through sites such as Craigslist, and it will even save you money. Some moving companies also offer this service.
  • Use old newsprint or your towels to pack fragile items, rather than using bubble wrap.
  • Take yourself off mailing lists for publications you no longer want or need. This will mean that your junk mail will not move with you, and youll save trees at the same time.
  • Importantly when you arrive at your new home, find out when recycling day is if your intentions are to throw away your boxes and packing materials.
  • Use environmentally-friendly products to clean your home after the move. This will also make getting into the habit of using these products in your new home easier.

Practice your new earth-friendly habits in your new home. Once you are settled in your new home keep the green movement going by setting up a recycling center, using green products for decorating and renovating, and employing green gardening methods. It all adds up!


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