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Planwise Makes Budgeting For A New Home Easier

Planwise Budgeting For A New HomeEver wonder how a pricey purchase like buying a home might affect your finances? If so, you might want to give Planwise a try.

Planwise is an app that offers users an easy way to visualize how significant financial events will impact their bank account in the near and far term. Planwise will definitely make budgeting for a new home easier.

Planwise users are prompted to input basic financial information like monthly income and typical expenses as well as any loans, property or cash they may have. In the next step users can select from a range of future scenarios like a salary hike, job loss or home purchase (or all of the above) to chart out exactly how each affects the amount of money he or she will have in the bank in a few months or as much as 30 years down the road.

There is no shortage of budgeting apps, but Planwise is less interested in helping users track their day-to-day spending history than providing a tool to help realistically plan for and reach long-term financial goals, like buying a new home.

Although Planwise is running on and, your information is actually being stored on their servers not ours. The transmission is encrypted and your data cant be seen by us or on our server. Watch the video below for more info, or visit the Planwise website.

Check out the Planwise App and start making better financial decisions.