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5 Reasons to Buy / Sell A Home Now

5 Reasons to Buy or Sell NowBuying or selling a home is a thoughtful process, not one to be taken lightly. In case your decision-making process needs some fact-based reasons to act ahead of Boston real estate's spring market peak, I've assembled the following 5 reasons to buy / sell a home now, to help.


  1. Competition Is About To IncreaseInventory is slim and every spring a surge of new would-be homebuyers enter the market
  2. Prices Are Expected To RiseNationally, home prices are projected to appreciate by 4.5% in 2014 and by over 19% from now until 2018
  3. Owning A Home Helps Create WealthWhether you rent or own the home you are living in, you're paying a mortgage ... yours or your landlords
  4. Interest Rates Are Projected To RiseThe 30-year mortgage interest rate is projected to be + 5% by the spring of 2015 say industry experts
  5. Buy Low, Sell HighToday, real estate is selling low compared to where it will be next year


  1. The Most Serious Buyers Are Out NowMotivated buyers understand that they need come out in early spring in order to beat the heaviest competition
  2. There Is Less Competition NowDont wait for all the other potential sellers in our market to put their homes up for sale
  3. The Process Will Be QuickerBanks are inundated with loan inquires during the height of spring market causing buyers' loan timelines to lengthen
  4. There'll Never Be a Better Time to Move-UpIf you are moving into a higher priced home and decide to wait, your down payment and mortgage will cost more
  5. Its Time To Move On With Your LifeIf by examining your goals it becomes clear that you're be held back by your home, it's time to move on

As ever, I'm here to help. Please call upon me if I can assist with any of your metro Boston real estate needs.