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So You Want To Sell Your Boston Area Home (Video) Whats Really Important In Choosing A Listing Agent?

Hello! 'Feeling Stressed because you want to sell your Boston area home? No doubt about it, selling a home is a major financial undertaking. You want a quick sale at the best price.

... but you're unsure how to sell.

Let me help. Selling isn't difficult. It's as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. You need to know what's important to homebuyers
  2. You need to decide whether or not to hire an agent
  3. You need to be ready!

So what factors are important to homebuyers?

Price, condition, presentation and location

  • Price is the bottom line. Getting it right from the start is important.
  • To fetch the highest price, improve your home's condition. A little clean-up and home improvement goes a long way!
  • The presentation of your home will attract or repel buyers. Attract buyers with staging, great visuals, and strategic marketing. Attract buyers where they search. Online!
  • Location is hugely important to buyers, but your home is where it is. Be sure to perfect the other 3 factors important to buyers if your location is an issue.

So will you need listing agent?

Probably ... With all the raw real estate data online it's tempting to think that you can sell on your own however most sellers decide to hire an agent. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Market Expertise A good agent has local market awareness you can't get elsewhere.
  • Professional Negotiation Skills A good agent knows how to negotiate for a higher price that you could on your own. Plus, your agent is obligated to protect your financial interests.
  • Law and Contract Knowledge A good agent knows about contracts and changing regulations, ensuring you don't sign a bad deal.
  • Professional Network A good agent is immersed in real estate and can tap into a much wider network to connect you with buyers.
  • Time Chances are you're already busy, do you really have the time and energy to take on another job? A good agent meanwhile lives real estate and is prepared to handle the whole process.

What's so important about being ready?

... The right buyer could come along at any moment. This means always keeping your home clean and uncluttered. It means being ready to leave on short notice to give buyers uninhibited access.

So what are you waiting for?

Let's sell your metro Boston home!

My job is to make selling easy and enjoyable as possible for you. As your agent, I will be your tireless advocate, ensuring that you sell your home quickly and at the price you deserve.

Please contact me for a free consultation. I look forward to meeting you.

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