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Hey, I'm On the Cover of CRS's "The Residential Specialist" Magazine!

CRS Residential SpecialistValue PropositionsCRSs (Certified Residential Specialists) Bring A Lot To The Table The Key Is Successfully Communicating It

Last month I was interviewed by The Residential Specialist magazine about my thoughts on how to communicate unique value to home sellers. As Massachusetts Chapter President of The Council of Residential Specialists for 2014 I also scored my photo on the cover of the issue. I am honored to be included in this article and have my thoughts featured among my esteemed colleagues.

Here's what I said in a section entitled Market Your Expertise:

Home sellers dont want a REALTOR who is simply an order-taker, says Joe Schutt, CRS, broker/owner of Unit Realty Group in Boston. They say, We really want you as the expert in the market. They want a partner. They need someone who understands more than just listing your home.

Proving your value often comes down to having a conversation with the client to explain in a concrete way what selling a home entails. For example, Schutt asks potential clients who are considering selling for-sale-by-owner (FSBO): Are you going to be able to say yes to every single showing request? How far do you live from your job? Can you take all that time off of work to show your home? In a busy, traffic-choked city like Boston, is it even realistic for you to consider this approach? When an offer comes in: Is the mortgage material in order? What improvements can you make to your home for $5,000 that will gain you $20,000 on the final sale price?

Theres tons of opportunity to prove to somebody that you are valuable on so many levels of the transaction that, why wouldnt they hire you? Schutt says. Good agents help position their clients homes in the way that best reflects their market and that market expertise cannot be duplicated by an inexperienced, under-educated REALTOR.

Check out the full article below. (It's easier to read if you toggle the viewer into full-screen mode.)