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The Time You Take To Prepare Your Home For Sale Will Prove Invaluable

Proper preparation, careful decisions, and the expertise of a Realtor can minimize the feelings of stress and anxiety when it comes to selling your home.

Start now to be prepared.

Review all property paperwork, and prepare your documents to be complete and readily available. (Deed/mortgage satisfaction, letter/copies of rental agreements, utility bills, tax bills, etc.) Its important not only to prepare your home for sale, but to be prepared yourself for inquiries that might arise that your listing agent, attorney or potential buyers will request. The right price means a successful sale. Pricing your home is both an art and a science. Working with a Realtor gives you the added expertise to help maximize the profit from your home by conducting a Comparative Market Analysis.

First impressions are lasting impressions. At Unit Realty Group we will work with you to prepare your home the right way in order to maximize its value. We make recommendations for the proper home staging, paint color, repairs and replacements. The buyers journey begins online so we believe it is important to have professional photography that advertises your home in the best possible light, in the most visible outlets in your area.

Hold an Open House right away. I strongly recommend holding an open house the first week your home is on the market. When planning a successful open house we consider several important factors.

  1. Scheduling: Look into state and local events. (Are the Patriots playing Sunday afternoon? We know Bostonians are die hard football fans so we avoid times prospective buyers may be glued to the TV cheering on their team.)
  2. Timing: Consider various days of the week and times of day. (Accommodate all prospective buyers. Can the after work commuters stop by in the evening? Can the couple drop in before heading to the little league game over the weekend?)
  3. Forecast: Weather can draw people to or from the city. (Is it an ideal weekend to get away and head to the beach? Is it apple picking season? Is it a long holiday weekend?)
  4. Exceptional Service: Help prospective buyers maximize their time in the unit. (At Unit Realty Group we use wayfinding signage to direct buyers to the unit. We are sure to provide an inviting and informative experience for open house visitors.)

Open House Doorbell

Bottom Line

Start early, educate yourself and chose the right agent.