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Importance of a Home's Entry Way

POP!The sound a jubilant champagne bottle makes when it's opened is unmistakable.It immediately creates an air of excitement, of celebration, andlets face it, of the fun to come! All wines, bubbly or not, have this incredible way of introducing you to whats in store.The noseof an aged Bordeaux will prepare you for a journey into the rugged conditions of the region, the playful, tropical fruit flavors that swarm your nose. When you open a luxurious bottle of Napa Chardonnay, it will gladly usher you into warmer climates full of sun. The nose of your wine is a perfect introduction into what lies ahead - it sets the tone.

As much as the nose of your wine sets the tone for your enjoyment, the entry way and foyer of your house sets the tone for your home as you invite guests into your space. Often forgotten about, or deemed less important than the major living areas, your entry way welcomes your guests, but more importantly welcomes you home after a long day. The first impression when you enter the front door of ahome, should be an incredible reflection of the homeowner's personality and design style.

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It would be quite misleading if you entered a home with a Spanish Estate style entry way to find the rest of the homes living space adorned with beach cottage dcor. Similarly your minimalist mind would be confused entering through a French Country style foyer. Above all, a foyer that is organized, pleasant and inviting will serve you well no matter your personal style.

Entry ways, especially in city spaces can be small in size, but play a huge role in making your house a cohesive and inviting home. Sellers should be aware of the message their foyer is saying about their home and home design - does it welcome the buyer and help them picture their life within or does it turn them away with mess and clutter? Simple additions such as the right console table, a bench, lighting, artwork, coat hooks, shoe bins, planters or trees can ensure that your entry way is emitting the right message.

As that first whiff of wine invites you to it's birthplace, the entry way invites and welcomes you and your guests into the home. Explore Unit Realty Group's Pinterest board to learn more about the elements of a great entry.

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