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Virtual Home Staging

Virtual Home Staging: The Next Best Thing

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Home staging is one of the most important steps in preparing your home for sale or rent. I can't stress this enough. In cases where physical staging cant be accommodated, whether it be due to time, tenants or budget constraints, virtual staging is the next best thing. Unit Realty Group offers our clients virtual home staging solutions. Virtual staging gives us the ability at all price points to creatively allow prospective buyers and renters to visualize what a space can be.

We can help set the stage and take away the guesswork for buyers and renters. We can showcase where the couch can go, what size bed can fit in the bedroom, what to do with that open entryway. Is the room perfect for an office, or maybe a nursery? Virtual home staging is very valuable to those looking to emotionally connect with a home and visualize themselves living there.

Virtual home staging can make the property stand out from the competition. We have impressed our clients with before and after photos. Take a look at some of the astonishing results below. We have taken a blank canvas, included the right furniture, lighting and artwork to create an inviting and entertaining space. We have also taken an extremely lived in property and shown how neat, spacious and functional it can actually be.

Virtual Home Staging Results: Before and After

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Bottom Line: Home staging can fit into everyones budget thanks to virtual home staging. Let us know if we can help you.