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20 Questions with Unit Realty Group

Play 20 Questions with Unit Realty Group Agents

Unit Realty Group Agents

Meet our Boston Real Estate Team

Our team played 20 questions. Get to know our agents. Find out everything from their favorite neighborhood, favorite room in the house to their Starbucks order and most used emoji. Find a Unit Realty Group agent who can guide you through the home buying journey and/or home selling process. Hiring an agent is a bit like dating. You want to pick the right match. Click on an agent below to see their Q&A.

Unit Realty Group_ Paul Odelson

Unit Realty Group_Jill Doucet

Unit Realty Group_Corey Wade

Unit Realty Group_Anna Roberts

Unit Realty Group_Joe Schutt

Unit Realty Group_Fiona Coxe

Unit Realty Group_Jarrod Kohl

Unit Realty Group_Patty Kendall

Unit Realty Group_Jon Kendall