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Pet Resume: Go the extra mile to promote your furry friend to prospective landlords

When it comes to securing your dream apartment, your pet's resume is just as important as your application. I know it sounds silly, but hey it's 2021! Providing a pet resume along with your application demonstrates to a landlord that you take pet ownership seriously and will take full responsibility for your pet's health, behavior, registrations and vaccinations.

Landlords face risks every time they let complete strangers into their income property. They hope it doesn't end up ruined or seriously damaged. And let's face it, some pets increase the likelihood. But as you and I know, not all pets pose an equal threat to their property.

Pet resumes may help you overcome any prejudices or previous negative experiences that a landlord may have in regard to pets. Conveying a detailed summary of your pets best qualities: whether they've been vaccinated, registered or trained, improves your chance of application success. It can turn a pet-tolerant landlord into a pet-friendly one!



Dog sleeping on arm chair


What to include in your Pets Resume:

  • Name of pet
  • Description of your pet breed, age, activity level, and temperament
  • Photos of your pet
  • Characteristics that make your pet suitable for city living
  • Something special about your pets personality
  • Examples of your pet's good behavior
  • Obedience training, include certificates if available
  • Flea and external parasite prevention
  • Intestinal parasite prevention
  • Vaccination status
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • How you look after your pet, and how urine/feces are cleaned up and disposed of
  • Where your pets will be kept on the property
  • References from your veterinarian and pet trainer
  • References from previous landlords and/or neighbors
  • Microchip and registration
  • Pet insurance or health insurance
  • Arrangements for taking care of your pets when you are at work or out of town
  • If you have multiple animals describe how well they get along, and how they keep each other company when you're not home

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