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Selling with dogs

Dog laying in bed


Selling a home that you share with a four-legged occupant requires some planning. First, we always tell our clients to declutter the space of dog-related items, but not to the point where you make your pet anxious. Put away the things they don’t use so much, and neatly organize the things that keep them happy. 


“If I can smell it I can’t sell it.”

Beware of dog odors. Even the most adamant pet lovers don’t really want to be subjected to animal scents when trying to imagine themselves living in your home. Get the carpets, curtains & upholstery cleaned if necessary. Have a friend do a smell test afterwards. Keep in mind common pet damage, such as scratched floors or ripped screens, as this could signal a red flag to buyers that there are more problems elsewhere. Give your home a thorough cleanse. Febreze, or a pet-friendly equivalent of your choosing, is going to be your best friend throughout the selling process. Before showings spray down anything that could be problematic (couches, chairs, beds, carpets, curtains, etc.). If you really want to go the extra mile you can have your air ducts cleaned, though in most cases this is probably not necessary.  And lastly, be sure to clean those nose marks off the windows! 


You’ll want to make sure that your dog isn’t anxious about the fact that prospective buyers may be strolling through your house several days a week. While some buyers may love your dog, others may be distracted by them. It might be wise to have your dog walker on call for showings. We at Unit Realty group have also been known to take a dog around the block to keep the showing in place. You could also see about boarding your dog with friends or a family member until your home is sold.