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Quick Cleaning Hacks To Get Your House Party Ready

We are all so busy, especially during the holidays, and sometimes cleaning goes to the way side. For us, usually dusting. The cold weather is here and the parties have moved inside, so there is no hiding our messes anymore. Nobody wants to commit a whole day to cleaning, so below are some tips to keep your house spotless, with quick and easy cleaning hacks to impress all your guests. 


  • Threw out your duster? So did we! Dusters are out and socks are in. Just grab an old sock, spritz it with water and clean any surface. The sock will pick up any dust or dirt, leaving your home spotless. Not to mention it will save you time by completely removing the dust.
  • Have you been dreading cleaning the ceiling fan? Not anymore! Take a pillowcase, put each fan blade inside and wipe both sides. This is a quick way to remove and catch dust so it won't fall on the floor or furniture. Which will save you from cleaning twice!
  • You probably haven't noticed how dirty your ceiling is, but your guests will. An easy way to keep the ceilings sparkling is to take a damp paint roller and roll it across the entire ceiling. This will remove dust, dirt and spiderwebs and make your house look brand new!


Enjoy a less stressful party season with our quick and easy cleaning hacks that will keep all your guests talking!