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Tips For Moving During The Winter

Moving this winter? With shorter days and colder weather, moving in the winter can be extra stressful. Below are some tips to move safely and efficiently this winter to ensure a smooth transition into your new home. 


Winter Moving

Photo by Pauline Lu on Unsplash


1. Stay Flexible

Winter weather can be unpredictable. Between snow storms and ice sometimes things can get delayed. Make sure to stay flexible when moving because winter weather can cause delays for moving trucks or roads may be blocked. It is always best practice to plan ahead when moving, but in the winter make room for delays.

2. Keep Sidewalks Clear

Moving can be dangerous when carrying heavy boxes and furniture, especially in the winter. Make sure to keep your walkways and sidewalks clear of snow and ice to ensure no one slips while carrying furniture back and forth. It is always a good idea to keep salt and shovels near by to continuously keep the walkways safe during your move. 

3. Protect Your Floors

Snow, ice and salt can cause damage to wood and tile floors. Water can also damage carpeting. When moving during the winter put down a plastic tarp to protect your flooring and to help keep your new home clean. You can use cardboard to protect carpeting. 

4. Check Utilities

The weather is cold and the days are short during the winter, so it is important to make sure your heat and electricity are working prior to move in. This is essential to make your new home livable on move in day. 


Keep warm and stay safe while moving this winter!