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Revamp Your Kitchen With Four Easy Updates


Need a winter project? Update your kitchen to add warmth and a new look without the stress of a full renovation. Revamp the space you spend the most time in to make it a room that you love to be in. With our four easy tips, you can create a new vibe in your current kitchen. We linked some of our favorite local shops where you can find amazing and interesting pieces. Redecorate and reorganize this winter and wow your guests come spring! 



Kitchen Cabinets

Update Your Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

An easy way to update your cabinets without painting is to get new hardware. You can modernize your kitchen simply by finding new cabinet hardware that fits your style and personality. Add color or simplify your hardware to warm your space with this simple switch. You can find great options at Room and Board and Raybern Hardware.





Kitchen Lights

Change Out Your Lighting 

Overhead lighting often goes unnoticed and blends into its surrounds, but it doesn't have to. A great way to spice up your kitchen is to swap your regular lighting for something interesting. This can be either a statement piece or something subtle but more decorative. Lighting is a necessity in any room, but it can also become a focal point for a kitchen. We love lighting options from Casa Design and Circa Lighting






Reorganize Your Pantry

It's never a bad time to clean out your pantry and reorganize. We recommend adding wicker baskets for a warmer look and an easy way to sorft your snacks. These baskets are great for keeping everything in its place and adding a nice aesthetic to a room that probably goes unnoticed, but is used the most. Another great way to organize is to utilize glass jars. You can save space by getting rid of boxes and putting everything in jars. Bonus points for adding labels! Check out Neatly Nested and Deirfiur Home for wicker basket options. 





kitchen plant

Revamp With Greenery 

The final touch to your kitchen revamp is adding some greenery. Plants are a great way to add warmth and some color to your kitchen. These can be hanging plants or vines, or you can add herbs to your counter for a more practical decor. If you don't want the commitment of keeping a plant alive, we recommend putting flowers in a vase each week for the same feel. We love Niche Plant Shop and The vintage Garden




All photos found on unsplash