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Declutter and Organize Your Space

It can be overwhelming to clean up and organize your space, so we have some tips to help you declutter and keep your home clean. With just a few changes, you can give your home a more open appearance and give yourself the peace of mind knowing where everything is. Not only will you add more space to your home, but you can also up the style of your space while keeping it organized. 






Declutter & Donate

It's time to make hard decisions. Get rid of anything you no longer need or haven't used in the past 6 months. If it doesn't improve your life and it doesn't have a place in your home, it is time to part ways. Donate these items and open up your closets and shelves for those things you do put to use. 



Utilize Vertical Space

Having a lot of furniture can sometimes make your small space look even smaller. That's why we recommend utilizing wall space. Purchase floor to ceiling bookshelves to add extra shelving and keep the floor and the closets clear of clutter. This can also help create the illusion of taller ceilings and actually give a larger feel to your room. 



Storage Can Double As Decor

Now that you have vertical space, you can get stylish baskets and boxes that can add storage while doubling as decor. Baskets are a great addition for remotes, tools, and small miscellaneous items you may need. Mix this in with your regular decor for added space and style. 



Invest In Storage Furniture 

The best way to create more storage in your small space is to utilize your furniture. Platform beds and ottomans with space inside add tons of storage for clothes and blankets. You can also get a kitchen island for added cabinet and counter space. We recommend using hooks on the back of doors, in the bathroom and in closets to hang clothes, towels, and jackets. This can help open up drawer space for other items and make some everyday items easily accessible. 



Declutter Countertops 

Keep your countertops and desk areas organized and clean of clutter to give the room a more open appearance. You can add acrylic drawer organizers to keep your kitchen and bathroom drawers clean and to make sure everything has a place. These also work for desk drawers to ensure you find everything you need quickly and to keep the surfaces clear.