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Embracing Hygge Design

Hygge is the Danish word for the feelings of coziness, wellness and comfort. The idea of Hygge is to live peacefully and contently. Hygge design promotes relaxation and helps to make your space truly feel like home. We have some design and decor ideas to help bring relaxation and happiness into your home and your life. Between the colors you use, decor style and natural materials, you can make your whole home feel like you're curled up on the couch reading your favorite book.






Use Natural Materials

Adding natural materials to your home can create a peaceful mood. We recommend using copper, iron and oak tones to bring a simplicity to your space. These materials can be used through lighting, furniture and decor pieces to promote relaxation and contentment in all of your rooms. We recommend swapping out your glass coffee table for wood and adding copper candle holders to bring a variety of natural elements to the room. 



Incorporate Textiles

Using multiple textiles can add a warmness to your home. We recommend throw blankets, rugs, curtains and pillows to add a layer of coziness. Layering rugs or blankets will bring in different colors and textures to your space. Adding lots of throw pillows on the couch creates an element of comfort. We recommend adding a neutral toned rug layered with a fur rug to bring a softness and warmth to the room. 



Light Up Your Home

Adding soft, warm colored lights to your home can help create a happy and calm feeling. Lighting up your space with lamps rather than an overhead light creates a more relaxing environment, and adding in candles will bring a soft glow and warmth to the room. Candles are a great way to set the mood, with scents that you love and make you feel at peace. We recommend getting a copper floor lamp and an iron table lamp to help pull the natural materials together, and create a cozy ambiance that can be elevated by lighting your favorite candle. 



Decorate Your Home

As far as decor goes, using natural colors and earth tones is best. We love decorating with candles, books and art in deep reds, rich browns and golden yellows. These colors promote relaxation, calmness and joy. Adding plants and greenery to your space is a great way to create a sense of calmness and peace, as well. We recommend bringing in various sizes of house plants, lining your shelves with books, and adding unique, neutral vases to simplify your space while surrounding yourself with a feeling of calmness.