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Preparing For The Spring Market

As January comes to an end, the spring market is just around the corner. If you're planning on selling this spring it's time to start preparing your home. Check out our tips for how to best prepare your home to create a warm and inviting environment to appeal to potential buyers. 


Spring kitchen

Photo from Unsplash by Jason Briscoe


Clean and Declutter

When showing your home to prospective buyers, it is best to keep clutter to a minimum. This means keep surfaces clear with minimal decor, organize shelves and keep closets tidy. This may mean cleaning out your home and donating or selling any unnecessary items, or putting things away in baskets or bins. When potential buyers come to look at your home put away any jackets or shoes that may be out and keep rooms clean. This allows the buyer to visualize themselves in the home and gives your home a larger feel. 




Create An Inviting Environment

It is best to remove any personal items when showing your home such as family photos or personal items like deodorant or medications. Keeping a neutral decor for showings is beneficial as well. This allows the buyer to view the home as a new space and gives them the potential to imagine their own items in the home. You may also want to repaint walls a neutral color to brighten up the space.




Emphasize Curb Appeal

One of the most important things to do when preparing your house for sale is to clean up the outside. The outside of your home is the first thing any buyer will see, and a good curb appeal can affect how they feel about your home before ever seeing the inside. Some easy ways to up your curb appeal is to tend to plants outside your house. You may need to weed, trim bushes or trees, and even plant flowers to make your home look more inviting. You may need to power wash your walkway or porch so it looks clean and bright, and adding potted plants or porch furniture can go a long way. 




Complete Repairs

If your house needs any repairs, it can be beneficial to get them done before listing your home for sale. The less repairs that need to be done by the buyer, the more buyers you will appeal to. You may even decide to have a pre-inspection done to fix any major problems, or prepare for what the buyer may need to do when they purchase your home. 




Keep The Rooms Bright 

Opening windows and letting in the spring air and light can help give your home a larger appearance, and look warmer and more inviting. It is important for your home to smell good as well, by opening the windows you can let in the fresh spring air and maybe add some fresh flowers for a natural, sweet scent. If natural light isn't an option, add extra floor lamps to give your home the brighter look and feel.