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Deep Clean The Forgotten Spaces

As we continue our month of spring cleaning hacks, it's time to give some love to those forgotten places. Some spots in our home don't need to be cleaned regularly, but they do build up dust and grime that we don't always notice.  Your home will be sparkling with these deep cleaning tricks. 



Living room

Photo by Inside Weather on Unsplash



Organize The Fridge

For most people, the fridge is one space that often gets looked over while cleaning. It is a daunting task to remove everything out of the fridge, scrub it down and then restock it, but it will help you feel refreshed heading into spring. It is also a great time to go through all the food in the fridge and get rid of anything that is expired or never used. Once everything is out of the fridge and sorted through take out each shelf and drawer and scrub them to remove any residue or bacteria build up. You can also use this as an opportunity to reorganize your fridge in a way that makes sense for you. 



Wipe Down The Walls

Though you might not notice, walls collect lots of dirt and dust overtime. Wiping down walls with a damp microfiber cloth will rid your walls of dust and fingerprints. Wipe from top to bottom to ensure you remove all particles that may drop. Make sure to wipe down the baseboards and doorframes to give your room a new sparkling look. 



Degrease Kitchen Cabinets

Another surface in your home that probably doesn't get cleaned enough is the kitchen cabinets. Just like the walls, cabinets often go unnoticed with the slow build up of grease and grime, but once you scrub them you'll notice a huge difference. To clean the kitchen cabinets you'll need a cabinet cleaner that will cut through grease and polish the wood. Cabinets that are closer to the stove will probably need a little extra love. 



Deep Clean The Mattress

Not only is it very difficult to clean a mattress but it doesn't seem super necessary since we don't sleep directly on them. However, dust mites live in our mattresses. Take a clothing steamer to the mattress to kill dust mites that are near the surface, then take a vacuum to clean the top and sides of the mattress getting all the crevices. Spray the whole mattress with a disinfecting spray and have the best nights sleep.