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Spring Cleaning The Outdoors


Now that the inside of your home is spotless, it's time to tidy up outdoors. As warmer weather approaches we all spend more time outside and our outside spaces need to be ready. Most people only see your house from the outside so it's important it looks amazing. These are our tips to spruce up your yard and home and prepare for the spring. 




Photo by Florian Schmidinger on Unsplash



Sweep & Power Wash

Throughout the winter your yard, porch, walkway, etc. gets lots of action from dirt, mud and debris from all the storms. The best way to spruce up your home is simply to remove the months of dirt buildup. We recommend sweeping porches and walkways to remove any loose particles, then power washing the surfaces and siding of your home. This will strip away the buildup of dirt, leaving the outside of your home looking brand new. 



Clear The Yard

Once all the snow melts, your yard is probably covered in leaves and debris from the winter. It's time to break out the rake and let your grass breathe. Once the warm weather hits your grass will be ready to go. Planting new flowers and trimming the trees and bushes will give your home great curb appeal. 



Organize The Garage 

The garage often becomes a storage room for everything and anything, but it's time to organize. Make sure everything has a place in the garage so it is easily accessible and opens up the room. This saves you tons of time and frustration throughout the seasons to grab what you need and go.



Make Repairs

The winter brought snow, wind and ice, all of which can cause damage to your home or yard. There's no time like the present to complete repairs to the outside of your home before the business of the summer kicks in. We recommend assessing your property for any issues to your home or fallen trees that need to be removed.