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How To Turn Your End Table Into A Dreamy Dog Bed

Create a cute and cozy dog bed out of an old end table to give your pup their own space in the living room. Keep your home clean and stylish with this hidden dog bed! You will need a table with a lower shelf, pet-safe paint, a paint brush, sand paper, screws, a drill, nails, a hammer, wood filler, a saw, wood trim pieces, and decorative sheet metal for this project. 



Dog Bed Table



First, choose a table to repurpose. This can be a table you already have, or head to a thrift store for one to redo. Make sure the table you did choose has a bottom shelf to create the dog bed around. Next, sand down the entire table and choose a pet-safe paint color and paint all of the surfaces. 



Once your table is painted, cut your decorative sheet metal to the correct size to cover the back and the two sides of the table. Make sure to use gloves and wire cutter to ensure a safe cut. You'll then need to attach the sheet metal to the outside of the table legs using a drill and 1" screws. You'll want to secure the sheet metal to the outside of the table so it doesn't scratch your dog. 



With the sheet metal on the outside of the table, you will want to cover the edges with a wooden trim. Cut the trim to size so that it creates a square around the edges of the sheet metal. Sand the wood and paint it to match the paint on the table, or choose a different color if you want to get crazy. Then, nail the trim pieces to cover the edges of the sheet metal and use wood filler to smooth out any imperfections in the wood. 



Finally, add a pillow or dog bed that fits on the bottom shelf and make it comfortable and cozy for your pup! Decorate the table as you would any other end table in your home, and hangout with your dog in your own spaces.