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How To: Clean Your Grill

With Memorial Day Weekend only a few days away it's finally time to master grill cleaning!




Photo by Bianca Ackermann on Unsplash



1. Remove the grates from the grill and dust off any ash from the cover and inside of the grill. Wipe down the grill with a damp towel to make sure no ash remains. 

2. Rinse off the grates to remove any ash, then mix dish soap with hot water. 

3. Scrub the grates with a plastic scour pad or steel brush and the soapy water to remove any grease from past uses. 

4. Put the grates back on the grill and close the lid with the heat turned to high to remove any left over grease and to remove any bacteria.

5. Keep your grill clean by scrubbing the grates with a steel brush after each use.