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How To: Keep Your Kitchen Pest Free

Do you have problems with pests in your kitchen? Keeping your kitchen clean and tidy can help immensely with keeping the bugs away. Kitchen pests are very common, especially in the summer months, but we have a few steps that can help minimize unwanted pests in your kitchen. 




Photo by Sidekix Media on Unsplash


The first step to keeping the pests away is to remove clutter from your countertops. The less items you have displayed, the less places there are for bugs to hide. 

Next, make sure to clean the entire kitchen after every time you cook. This means cleaning all the dishes and not leaving dirty dishes in the sink, wiping down counter tops and sweeping the floors. Make sure there are no crumbs in corners or under appliances that will attract pests. 

A tedious but necessary step is to clean out all of your cabinets and clean up any crumbs or spills that may have occurred. Make sure all of your food is stored properly and tightly to keep pests away. 

Add sticky traps to areas near any doors that lead outside and under the fridge to trap pests. Keep up with your cleaning routine daily/weekly to keep your kitchen spotless and pest free.