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How To Design An Outdoor Path

Upgrade your walkway or install a brand new one! Updating your walkway can elevate the look of your yard and create an interesting element to your landscape.




Flagstone is a great option to create an elevated and practical walkway. The placement of the flagstone can allow for plants or moss to be planted around the stone and create a beautiful path. This is also an easy and more inexpensive option to upgrade your walkway!

Brick is a great material to create a more formal and beautiful walkway that can pull together materials from your home. You can create patterns with the bricks to give your walkway a more interesting appearance and create an elegant look for your home. 

Concrete is a great material to make a walkway out of because it is an easier process and you can personalize it and create a visually interesting yard. Whether you make stepping stones or lay down a concrete path, you can add your own touch to concrete with various designs to make it beautiful. 

Shells or stones are a great way to bring a peaceful vibe to your landscape. Creating a path out of stones or crushed shells can create a visually interesting walkway. Carve out a path through the grass or your gardens and lay down shells and stones for a natural walkway.