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How To Grow A Countertop Herb Garden

If you love to cook, you need a countertop herb garden! The herbs will add a beautiful natural element to your kitchen and become a convenient staple in your cooking routine! 



herb garden



Choose a few of your favorite herbs that you cook with often and gather tin cans from your recycling to plant them in. Make sure to thoroughly wash your tin cans, then drill several small holes into the bottom of each to allow the plant to drain when it is watered. Fill the bottom of each can with a thin layer of rocks and then place potting soil on top of the rocks, filling the can about 2/3 of the way up. Next, add your herbs to the cans making sure the roots don't break while replanting them and top them with more soil if necessary. Place the potted plants on a saucer to catch the water and keep them near a sunny window. You can add small name cards or decorate the cans with ribbon to add an element of design! 




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