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10 Moving Tips To Make Your Move Easier

Moving is stressful, time consuming and overwhelming. We have 10 tips to make packing and unpacking easier and simpler! 




Photo by Brandable Box on Unsplash



1. Keep your tool kit handy through the entire moving process! 

2. Write everything thats inside the box on the side of the box so you know where everything is. 

3. Make a to-do list and assign tasks if moving with a partner or friend. 

4. Pack your glasses in boxes for liquor bottles. You can often get these for free at your liquor store. 

5. Pack your dishes on their side to fit more in a bo and reduce the chance of them breaking.

6. Set up your beed first so you can fall asleep whenever you get too tired to continue unpacking. 

7. Use vacuum sealed bags to fit more in boxes and save space. 

8. Buy lots of high quality tape and triple tape your boxes. 

9. Assign different colored tape to different rooms and put it on your boxes to easily identify which room the box belongs to. 

10. If you are moving in Boston DO NOT DRIVE YOUR MOVING TRUCK ON STORROW DRIVE!!!