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How To Create A Witch's Broom

Spook your friends and neighbors this October with a floating witch's broom! If you want to really spice up spooky season, attach your broom to a robotic vacuum so it flies all around your house on it's own! All you need for this project is a foam cone, grass table skirt, a stick and some twine.



witch broom



First you will want to find or buy a long and skinny stick to be used as the broom handle. Wipe the dirt from the stick and cover it in modgepodge to keep it clean and shiny.


Next you will need to get a foam cone which can be found at most craft stores. Drill a hole through the center of the cone length wise, with a width that is slightly smaller than the width of the stick. Push the stick into the hole in the foam cone making sure it is secure. 


Then you will want to attach a grass table skirt or hula skirt, which can also be found at a craft or costume store, to the broom stick. Lay the grass skirt on a table with the bristles facing away from the cone and tie the top around the stick with twine. 


Flip the broom over so the bristles cover the cone and bunch them near the top, then tie with another piece of twine. Now attach the foam cone using an adhesive strip to either an upside down flower pot for a stable broom, or attach to a robotic vacuum for a mobile broom. 




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