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How To Humidify Your House

The weather is getting colder and the air is getting drier, but instead of purchasing an air humidifier you can easily humidify your home with common house hold items! 



house plants

Photo by Alp Duran on Unsplash



Invest In Houseplants

Adding plants around your house will help hydrate the air when your plants release moisture. 


Put Vases On Windowsills

Placing vases full of water on sunny windowsills will hydrate the air when the water evaporates.


Boil Water On The Stovetop

Boiling water in a tea kettle or open pot will release steam into the air, acting just as a humidifier.


Shower With The Door Open

Leave your bathroom door open while you take a hot shower to release the steam into the rest of your home. 


Dry Your Clothes On A Drying Rack

Instead of using your dryer, dry your clothes on a drying rack to humidify the air.