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Pumpkin Carving Tips

Carving a pumpkin is a fun Halloween activity, but it can also be a bit of a grueling process. Between removing the seeds, deciding on a design, and then trying to cut that design, it can sometimes be frustrating! So keep all your Halloween activities fun and exciting with our pumpkin carving tips! 





1. Use a butchers knife to cut open the top of the pumpkin! A butchers knife is much sharper making it easier to cut the top of the pumpkin off. 

2. Scoop out the insides of the pumpkin with a long metal spoon, often used for cooking. This spoon is great because it has a much larger spoon that can scoop more seeds, and has a much longer handle, making it easier to scoop without stick your arm inside the pumpkin.

3. Trace your design onto the pumpkin in sharpie before beginning to carve, so you have a pattern to follow. You can also print out a design online and trace it from the paper. 

4. If you don't have a pumpkin carving kit, use a steak knife to carve out your design. The rigged edges make it easier to cut through the pumpkin more precisely. 

5. Use battery powered candles inside the pumpkins so they stay lit longer, and don't get put out by wind like a regular candle.

6. And of course, save all your pumpkin seeds to roast!