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Get Your House Winter Ready With Our 4 Must-Dos In December!

The winter months can bring higher energy bills and unexpected expenses, so prepare your home for shorter and darker days, and potential power outages! Get ahead of the winter this December and put yourself in a great position for the new year! 


Photo by Juliana Malta on Unsplash


1. Clean Your Lightbulbs

Wipe down all the lights bulbs and light shades/fixtures in your house. Dusty lightbulbs emit up to 30% less light, so cleaning up your lightbulbs will make your home brighter. This could lessen the amount of lights on in your home and lower your electric bill. With the days growing darker earlier, we often turn on more lights and have them on for longer, so having a brighter home for less money is the goal for the New Year! You can easily clean your light bulbs using warm water, dish soap, and a splash of white vinegar, then wipe them down with a cloth. 


2. Check In With Your Home Owners Insurance

We often spend more money during the holidays which can catch us wanting to save more and budget come January. A great place to start is calling your insurance agent to check in on your home owners insurance. You can talk with your agent about your current coverage, see if there are any changes you can make, and how much you really need. They may be able to give you some options that can lower your monthly premium before your next pay period! 


3. Prepare For Weather

Winter weather can be quite unpredictable, between freezing temperatures, snow storms, strong winds, and ice. To get ahead of any power outages or weather related emergencies, create an emergency kit! We recommend stocking up on blankets, flashlights and batteries, candles, and a portable phone charger in case you lose power. It could also be helpful to keep a shovel and salt inside your home in case you wake up to a snowstorm and need to shovel your way out of the house! The salt is important to keep stairs and walkways outside from being slippery. 


4. Get Ready For Next Christmas!

It's hard thinking about next year's holiday season when the craziness of this season has ended, but it can save you a lot of money! Holiday lights and decorations go on major sales the week after Christmas. Get ahead of the season and save your money by buying new Christmas lights, decor, and wrapping paper the week after Christmas!