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How To Have A Modern Christmas

Christmas decor is often very traditional, and can be hard to blend into a modern space. With a color schemes, proper lighting, and sustainability you can blend a classic Christmas with your existing modern style. 






1. Simplicity Is Key


Modern Christmas decor often features a minimalistic approach, focusing on clean lines, neutral colors, and subtle accents. Decorate your Christmas tree with whites, silvers, and golds. Carry this color palette through to your holiday decor and mix it in with some natural garland and warm lighting to blend a classic Christmas feel with your existing modern furniture and decor. 


2. Set The Mood

Modernize your holiday lighting with smart technology. Smart LED lights allow you to control the color, intensity, and even set the ambiance. Create a light display that complements your decor and sets the mood for festive gatherings. We suggest using soft white lights to tie in the greenery with the silver and gold color pallet. 



3. Keep It Sustainable

Incorporate eco-friendly and sustainable elements into your Christmas decor. Investing in decorations that you will use for years to come and using recyclable wrapping materials such as newspaper and paper shopping bags, is a great way to create a more sustainable Christmas!


For those living in a modern space, our approach to Christmas decor evolves, blending classic traditions with contemporary style. The key is to express your individuality and make your holiday decor a reflection of your style. This Christmas, let your creativity shine and embrace the beauty of modern decor, creating a festive atmosphere that's combines tradition with contemporary style.