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Simplify Your Home With These Four Questions

Whether you're trying to simplify your life, you're moving, or you're purging your home, asking yourself some simple questions can help you get rid of unnecessary items. It can be hard to part ways with things you've held on to for so long, but if doesn't add value to your life, it's time to let it go. Clean out your home by asking yourself these four questions. 




Photo by Bailey Alexander on Unsplash



Do you love it, need it, or use it?

When deciding whether or not to keep something, ask yourself if you use it at least once a month and if you don't, could survive without it? If you don't use it often, do you need it for anything, even occasionally, that you could't do without? If both those answers are no, then ask yourself if you love the item or does it have any special meaning to you? If any of these answers are yes, keep it! But if you don't use it, need it, or love it, get it out of your house! 


What if one of your items broke or got lost while moving?

If you were moving and realized one of your items got lost during the move or broke, would you be upset? Think about the level of sadness you would have if a piece of furniture, or a vase was broken and you had to get rid of it. Would you be heartbroken or could you not care less? Depending on that answer you will know whether to keep it or not. 


Would your still buy it today?

If you were starting over with nothing and had a clean design slate, would you still buy that item today? Is the item still your style or was it a trendy piece that has since passed? Is it still functional for your life today? If you would still buy it again today, then keep it! Otherwise, it may be time to part ways. 


Do you have a similar item?

If you have some items that are very similar or the same, think about how often you use all of them. Do you tend to choose the same one each time or do you use all the similar items all the time? Could you live with only one or two items, or do you rotate through all of them? If you have multiple similar items but usually only use a few of them, simplify your life by getting rid of what you don't often use. 


By asking yourself these four questions you can make the hard decision of cleaning out your home from things you don't use, don't love, or don't need anymore. When you are sorting through your belongings, make a donation pile for anything that is in good condition that someone else could enjoy, and a trash pile for things that maybe be broken or too worn down to share. Simplify your life this year!