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Create Your Own Flower Arrangement

With spring finally here and easter just a few days away, it's the prefect time to learn how to make a floral bouquet! Whether it's for a house warming gift, a table centerpiece, or just something to brighten your home, there are only a few steps to create a beautiful flower arrangement! 


flower bouquetPhoto by karin boon on Unsplash


Choose Your Flowers

The first step to a flower arrangement is to choose the flowers. Think of a color scheme and style that you want to your bouquet to have and choose a flower that the bouquet will focus on. You will want to choose a focal flower that is bigger in size and will stand out in your bouquet. 


Add Filler Flowers

Once you decide on a theme and pick a focal flower, choose some filler flowers that will complement the main flower's shape, color and scent. Filler flowers should be more neutral and smaller in size so they add depth to you bouquet, but don't take over. We recommend adding 2-4 filler flowers depending on the size of the arrangement. You can also add some greenery to your bouquet for some extra color!


Trim Your Flowers

Now that you have your flowers picked out, you'll want to trim off any thorns or unwanted leaves from the stems. Next, play around with the height of the flowers. Add some dimension to your bouquet by trimming the bottom of the flowers to various heights to highlight your focal flower!


Assemble Your Bouquet

Now the fun part, grab your favorite vase and assemble your bouquet! Play around with the placement of your focal and filler flowers until you get your desired look. You can also add some ribbon to your vase to take your arrangement up a notch!


Creating a beautiful floral arrangement is a fun and creative activity that will brighten up your home! The best places to get flowers for a DIY arrangement is a local flower shop or a grocery store, such as Trader Joe's or Whole Foods. Create a lovely custom bouquet this spring!




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