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5 Common Plants That Are Toxic To Dogs

Did you know that some very common plants are toxic to dogs? If you plan to plant flowers in your yard this spring, make sure they are dog-friendly! Even if you don't have a dog, it is important to keep toxic plants away from sidewalks so neighbors' dogs don't get to them. Here is a list of common but toxic plants to avoid having in your yard this year! 





Any part of the flower is harmful, but the bulb of the tulip is the most toxic to dogs. If eaten, pups may have excessive drooling and vomiting but they will not be seriously hurt.



Both the flowers and leaves of hydrangeas can cause lethargy and vomiting in dogs but they will not be deadly. 



Any part of a daffodil is harmful to your dog, but the bulbs are especially toxic. Severe vomiting and drooling can emerge that can lead to lasting heart problems for your pup.



Hyacinth will cause vomiting and diarrhea to your dog but won't be deadly. 



Chrysanthemums, better known by just "mums" will cause diarrhea, vomiting and skin rashes that will make your dog very uncomfortable, but will not be deadly. 


Luckily none of these common flowers are deadly to your dog, but they will cause extreme discomfort and it is best to avoid them. If your dog ever consumes these plants or unidentified ones and gets sick, call your vet immediately and take a photo of the plant. Let's protect our furry friends this spring and opt for some dog-friendly plants! 




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