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Reinvigorate Your Lawn In 4 Easy Steps

If you have thinning grass or grass with bald spots, you can transform you lawn by overseeding! It is important to spread your grass seed at the right time to get luscious rejuvenated grass! With just a lawnmower, rake and a sprinkler, you can have the lawn everyone envies!


green grassPhoto by Frames For Your Heart on Unsplash


1. Mow

First, mow your grass very low so the seeds will have closer contact with the soil and have a better chance at growing! We recommend mowing your grass to a height of 1.5 inches. 


2. Rake

Once your lawn is mowed, rake the grass to remove any grass clippings, sticks or leaves. Your grass seed will have the best chance at growing if there is no debris blocking it from the soil. 


3. Seed

Now that your lawn is properly mowed and raked, it's time to spread the grass seed. The easiest way to do this is to use a rotary spreader, but you can also spread the seed using a shovel, just make sure to distribute it evenly. 


4. Water

Watering your lawn consistently will keep the seed from drying up and ensure an even growing period. Water your lawn everyday for the first 10-14 days to make sure the grass stays moist! To keep your grass seed from becoming too wet, water your yard with a sprinkler!


With these 4 easy steps you can completely transform your lawn before summer! The best time to plant your grass seed in New England is early May when the weather is in the 60s and the ground is moist. We recommend using fescue seed for this climate, but if you live in another area check to see what grass seed works best for you! Overseeding your lawn can make a huge difference in your curb appeal and overall health of your yard!