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How To Clean Your Ceiling Fans

The weather is heating up which means its time to turn your ceiling fans back on! Before you get your fans spinning again however, give them a deep clean to avoid spreading dust all over your home! Follow our cleaning tips below to make sure your fan is completely dust free!


ceiling fanPhoto by Lotus Design N Print on Unsplash


1. Make sure your ceiling fan is turned off before cleaning. While turning off your fan, check to see which way your blades are spinning. Make sure they are spinning counter clockwise to cool the room!


2. Get a sturdy step stool or ladder that will allow you to reach the blades of the fan easily.


3. Clean the blades of the fan with either a duster or a pillowcase. Using a pillow case will contain the dust, but both methods will work well. Make sure to clean both sides of the blades as well as the edges. 


4. After removing the dust, take a disinfecting wipe or spray and wipe down all sides of the blade to get rid of any leftover debris. 


5. Spray compressed air into the motor to remove any dust from inside, then take a cloth to wipe down the outside of the motor and the chain. 


Cleaning your ceiling fans will ensure that they work properly and keep your house cool all summer long! Keep your home dust free but continually cleaning your fans throughout the year! 



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